“Countdown” 2012

Celebrate, through tradition: Our society embraces so many traditions. One tradition is the the Chinese, New Year, which occurs near the end of January and celebrates an “animal”, assigning the year and those born to the year with specific characteristics. This year “we” celebrate, “The Year of the Dragon”, which is marked by excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity.

Another form of celebration is making black eyed soup. Tradition says if you had one black-eyed pea for every explanation of the legend of black-eyed peas bringing good luck when eaten on New Year’s Day, you’d have enough for a big pot of the delicious legumes. One of the most plausible stories is that, after the Civil War, hungry Southern foragers who found leftover stockpiles of dried black-eyed peas considered themselves to be extremely fortunate.

Here in Southern California we are graced with our beautiful, Rose Parade, which travels down the streets of Pasadena on (the Monday after) New Years Day. This year is 123rd year of the parade. Its theme is “Just Imagine”. After the parade droves of families and friends as well as fans set on an exodus to the Rose Bowl to watch the victors of college, football. This year Oregon and Wisconsin will see who wins the title, of the best collegiate team.
All of us at LA Party Designs, wish you a healthy, happy, and rewarding 2012.

We are so grateful for our loyal clients and the ability to service others in this up coming “Year of the Dragon”.


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