Did you know?

With spring around the corner we always are thrilled that our choices of flowers increase. The best time of year to get cut flowers is spring, the selection is larger and the quality is better.

Frequently, our clients say they will have the venue store or move flowers. We never recommend this. Did you know that flower coolers are a higher temperature than food refrigerators? Food refrigeration can damage cut flowers. Also, apples and onions as well as other foods release “gases” which kill flowers.

Furthermore, flowers in the Jonquil family, such as, Daffodils and Narcissus have a milky like substance they release which can damage other flowers.

Flowers are beautiful and the science of them has brought an abundance of different colors, sizes and types. We enjoying working with them and frequently incorporate them into our event design.

Cut flowers are “green” in so many ways. They add to the O2 in our environment as well as help with maintaining the population of bees in nature which are responsible for pollinating our crops for food.

Spring is in the air and flowers abound….

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