End of Summer Extravaganza!

As summer starts to cool down, a home of one of our clients is just starting to heat up! Every year, we have the pleasure of decorating a close friend of the owner’s home for her annual end of summer blow out.

Last year we themed the party “Boogie Nights”. Not only was the inside of the house completely decked out, but the backyard was as well. To really take everyone back to get their groove on, we provided disco balls, glowing communal tables, blinking shot glasses and lots of fun bright colors and sequins.

What we loved was the entertainment’s interactions with the guests, we found this was a wonderful tangible way to get everyone involved in the mood of the party. When the guests arrived they were greeted by different levels of go-go dancers, dancing on different platforms. The platforms added depth and really brought the party to life, but that’s not all. When the guests entered the party, they were greeted with a specialty welcome shot by none only that “Roller Girl” herself!

This is only one of the many themes we have worked with for this gathering; we’ve done everything from Japanese with a nyatamori girl to Spicy New Orleans. What a perfect way to give friends a final hoorah before the kids go back to school!

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