Keeping up with the times…

In May of 2011 two of our event producers traveled to Chicago to attend the Annual Event Marketing Summit for our first time. The information they retained proved to be more than valuable to the company and has opened our mind to more than one facet.

While there, the they attended classes that focused on leveraging the power of 3D, creating a social media manager position to add to the department, using singular events for multiple brands and reinventing Annual B-to B Events and meetings. They also enjoyed hearing lectures from companies as large as Coca-Cola, State Farm, Yahoo and Microsoft!

After speaking with Renee and Ashley they both testified that after going to the conference they learned that, “technology is booming and really taking over the Event Industry as a whole. There always needs to be a wow factor at any event and this can most often be achieved through technology driven techniques.”

Ashley thoroughly enjoyed learning about the new found importance of 3D features and interactive design. Renee stated that she loved that, “technology is always ever changing, there is always something new.” Applying technology to our company allows us to expand and grow as a whole so that we can continue to satisfy our clients’ needs to the fullest extent.

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